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Our portable blenders are incredibly powerful and easy to use, with all of the latest features to ensure that you get the perfect blend every time. We also offer an ice therapy facial massage that helps to reduce puffiness, improve texture and tone. Our treatments are suitable for all skin types and will help to revitalize your complexion and restore vitality.

Take your smoothie on the go

Take your smoothie on the go with our Portable Fruit Blender. This sleek and powerful device is designed to fit into your active lifestyle. The blender's lightweight construction and easy-to-grip handle make it perfect for taking to the gym, on trips, or just carrying around the house.

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Improve health

With its powerful motor, you can blend frozen or fresh fruit into a delicious, thick smoothie in no time. Our Portable Fruit Blender also has a spill-proof lid that provides a tight seal for secure storage and transportation ensuring that your smoothie won't spill or leak. So, get ready to take your smoothies with you wherever you go, with our Portable Fruit Blender.

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  • Smoothie lovers

  • Healthy

  • Nutritious

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Enjoy a more youthful and glowing complexion

Treat your Skin

When you want to treat yourself to the best in beauty care, the Beauty Ice Ball is the perfect choice. This luxurious ball helps to improve your skin tone and texture through its innovative massage technology. Crafted out of crystal glass, its perfectly round shape fits perfectly into your hand and provides an enjoyable massage experience.

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This makes it perfect for reducing swelling, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Its unique shape ensures that its massaging effect is distributed evenly over your face, allowing you to achieve smoother, glowing skin with every use.

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See what real users have to say

  • Hannah

    I was tired of my morning smoothie routine, so I decided to give the portable blender a try. The powerful motor let me blend everything in a few seconds, and I could take it with me to the office or a tailgate party.

  • Stella

    The portable blender is the perfect way to enjoy a smoothie on the go. I'm always running late, so being able to blend my breakfast quickly and in one container made my life so much easier.

  • Sarah

    I feel like it helps to reduce the size and appearance of my pores, and I swear it helps to keep wrinkles at bay. Plus, it helps to bring new life and radiance to my complexion every time I use it. Highly recommend it!

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